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Land Reko® | Manufacturer of Pressure Vessels and Blasting Machines

Manufacturer of Pressure Vessels Birmingham

Pressure Vessels

Manufacturer of Pressure Vessels
and Blasting Machines

We are the author, manufacturer and supplier of solutions in the field of tanks and pressure equipment, with particular emphasis on machines and equipment for blasting and abrasive processing.

We specialize in providing comprehensive technological solutions for industrial customers in the field of production and storage of compressed air and surface treatment. The ambition of people co-creating our company is to provide products and devices with above-average parameters while maintaining safety requirements and attention to customer satisfaction. The company is developing intensively, and its potential enables it to acquire partners and clients from Europe, Asia and North America.

Our company consists of a professional team of people who are experts in their field, and their knowledge is regularly improved. Thanks to an individual approach to the client, the proposed solutions are possibly best suited to his expectations and capabilities. What distinguishes us is the flexibility in the proposed solutions and the support of our employees at every stage of cooperation: selection of the best solution, implementation and service.

Our Offer

Pressure Vessels

The offered series of Land Reko® pressure vessels for compressed air, nitrogen, or argon are manufactured in horizontal or vertical orientations in a wide range of pressures and volumes in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU.

The directive sets regulations for pressure equipment applicable in the European Union. It covers all pressure equipment with a maximum allowable pressure higher than 0.5 bar above atmospheric pressure. The PED directive places great emphasis on product safety. The materials used to manufacture pressure equipment according to this directive must meet high-quality standards.

The design, production, inspection, and even the equipment and installation of pressure devices must be conducted to ensure safety. Pressure equipment manufactured in accordance with the PED directive guarantees that the design and manufacture consider the highest level of safety for the user. This applies to both the pressure equipment itself and its accessories.

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