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Volume: 2500 dm3 [± 2%]
Working pressure: 40 bar
Fluid: gas
Working medium: air, nitrogen or argon



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Technical parameters
Land Reko® VAR-2500-40-J Galvanized

Volume:2500 dm3 [± 2%]
Working pressure:40 bar
Compliance with the Directive:PED 2014/68/UE
Primary construction material:P355
Min. temperature:-20 °C
Max. temperature: 100 °C
Total height [Hc]:2856 mm
Width [W]:1344 mm
Connection socket: 2"
Fluid type:Gas
Working medium:Air, Nitrogen or Argon
Corrosion protection:Galvanized
Weight:1335 kg

Product description
Land Reko® VAR-2500-40-J

The offered series Land Reko® pressure tanks for compressed air, nitrogen or argon are made in horizontal or vertical orientation, in a wide range of pressures and volumes in accordance with the provisions of the PED 2014/68/EU Pressure Directive. The directive lays down the rules on pressure equipment in force in the European Union. It applies to all pressure equipment with a maximum permissible pressure higher than 0.5 bar above atmospheric pressure.

The PED directive places great emphasis on product safety. Materials used to manufacture pressure equipment in accordance with this directive must meet high quality standards and the manufactured products must guarantee the highest level of safety in use.

Pressure tanks have many possible applications. Argon tanks are used, for example, for welding alloy and unalloyed steels, while nitrogen pressure tanks are used, for example, in the pharmaceutical, electronics, gas and oil industries. In turn, compressed air pressure tanks are used to store and reduce pulsation and loss of air produced by the compressor. Pressure tanks installed in compressor rooms are also used to cool compressed air and additionally play an auxiliary role in cleaning the compressed air from water and condensate accumulating in it. Additionally, the tanks increase the operating life of the compressors by reducing the time of continuous operation.

The pressure equipment we produce is marked with the CE mark and has a complete set of documentation necessary for the tank to be approved for use by the Office of Technical Inspection.

We design and manufacture pressure vessels for the broadly understood industry. At every stage of cooperation - from inquiry, through design assumptions to acceptance of the manufactured tank by the supervisory authority - we provide support from our own team of engineers and external inspectors of notified bodies. We offer tanks designed to work with various media: compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, technical gases, water, bulk materials, also for the medical and chemical industries.

We produce pressure vessels in horizontal and vertical orientations in various pressure and volume ranges. Our own design office allows us to carry out individual and non-standard projects, for which it has all the necessary competences and authorizations.

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