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Work table diameter: 750 mm
Maximum working pressure: up to 12 bar
Cleaning efficiency: up to 200 kg/h
Maximum air flow: up to 15 000 l/min
Loading weight of the work table: up to 350 kg



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Technical parameters
Land Reko® RBM-750-12

Supply voltage:400V~/ 50Hz
Nozzles drive:Automatic, servoelectric
Work table diameter:750 mm
Loading weight of the work table:up to 350 kg
Abrasive tank volume:38 l or up to 150 kg abrasive material
Number of abrasive tanks:2
Connection for dedusting system:Yes
Maximum working pressure:up to 12 bar
Cleaning efficiency:up to 200 kg / h
Cleaning level:SA-3.0 (Very deep and vast corrosion)
Air flow:1500 l / min (for nozzle 5.0 mm)
Number of working nozzles:2, working independently
Maximum air flow:up to 15.000 l / min
Nozzle diameters:from 3 to 15 mm
Abrasive valve:Clemco
Viewfinder:305 x 610 [mm]
Chamber protection:Powder coating
Working temperature:10 - 50 °C
Weight:860 kg

Product description
Land Reko® RBM-750-12

Land Reko® RBM series blast machines are compact rotary blast machines designed for cleaning cylinder-shaped elements. The detail to be cleaned is mounted on a rotating, electrically driven work table. Abrasive nozzles move parallel to the axis of the workpiece on one or both sides independently. The design of the machine ensures efficient exposure to the abrasive stream and 100% stream coverage during one cycle, ensuring a repeatable surface with a uniform structure and assumed parameters. The blasting machine enables the processing of workpieces with a total weight of up to 350 kg at a pressure of up to 12 bar. The device is equipped with a high-quality abrasive disc valve from the German brand Clemco, characterized by above-average mechanical strength and abrasion resistance compared to standard valves installed in blasting machines of competing companies.

The use of innovative design solutions in the RBM series of blasting machines ensures continuity of the processing method, improves the conditions for transporting the abrasive to the working nozzle and enables the processing of various materials using a wide range of abrasive materials. All RBM series blast machines operate in automatic mode, controlled by inverters, in the pressure range of 1 - 12 bar, in a single or multi-nozzle system.

The standardized claw connector mounted in the device protects against accidental disconnection of the compressed air supply line, while enabling its quick and safe replacement, regardless of its diameter. The comfort and safety of work are ensured by the use of precise LED lighting and a 3-element visor package with replaceable protective foils measuring 305×610 mm. To meet the growing safety requirements, all RBM series rotary abrasive blasting machines are equipped with an automatic safety switch that interrupts the operation of the device when the working chamber door is opened. Depending on the requirements, three types of dedicated separation and dust removal systems can be used for the RBM series blast machines. with different cleaning efficiencies of the working chamber and degrees of abrasive recovery.

Controlling the blasting machine is easy and safe due to the use of PLC controllers and an ergonomic HMI touch panel with the simultaneous possibility of observing the effects of introduced changes in the machining process. All RBM series blast machines operate in automatic mode using frequency converters and servo drives. The devices operate in a closed circuit, ensuring up to 100% material recovery and eliminating dust formation outside the chamber.

The device is designed for the most demanding users - both in workshops and in industry. The cleaner has a CE declaration of conformity and an extensive user manual. The offer includes the possibility to buy a variety of optional equipment with a compressor and compressed air treatment systems.

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