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Motor power: 1.1 kW
Airflow: 1610 m3/h
Rotational speed: 2850 rpm
Weight: 118 kg



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Technical parameters
Land Reko® DE-11

Supply voltage:230V / 400V
Motor power:1.1 kW
Airflow:1610 m3/h
Rotational speed:2850 rpm
Noise level:80 dB(A)
Dimensions [W x H x D]:720 x 1700 x 780 mm
Weight:118 kg

Product description
Land Reko® DE-11

The DE series dust extractor is a professional tool designed for continuous operation. The area in which the device operates must be located in the system and disabled, preventing access and technical equipment.

The DE-11 extractor is designed to work with SCI and SCP series abrasive blasting chambers using abrasive materials such as: quartz sand, glass or ceramic granulate, corundum, shot, nut shells. It is also used in other market segments - wherever there is a need for dust-free surface treatment.

Dust extractor is intended for the most demanding users - both in workshops and in industry. The extractor has a CE declaration of conformity and an extensive operating manual in Polish. The offer includes the possibility of purchasing a variety of optional equipment, including a compressor and compressed air treatment systems.

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